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Palazzo Donn'Anna e Gaiola

Servizi Napoli

From Palazzo Donn’Anna (Donn’Anna Palace) to Gaiola

In collaboration with Gaiola Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

This itinerary is dedicated to Posillipo hill, that , together with the in front sea area, it’ s one of the most stunning places of the Gulf. The name comes from a former huge villa during the roman empire period: Pausilypon (relief from pain). This path goes through the whole hill from the magnificent Donn’Anna Palace to Seiano Cave.

» 25 Donn’Anna Palace
» 26 Piazza S.Luigi
» 27 Cenito
» 28 Riva Fiorita
» 29 Marechiaro Village
» 30 Gaiola Slope
» 33 Parco Virgiliano
» 34 Cape Posillipo
» 35 Pausilypon Archeological Park / Seiano Cave, Vedio Pollione Temple


Starting Point - Donn’Anna Palace
Defined path - Donn’Anna Palace - Piazza S.Luigi - Cenito - Riva Fiorita – Marechiaro Village – Gaiola Slope - Parco Virgiliano – Pausilypon Archeological Park.
Arrival Point Parco Virgiliano
Timing one entire day


Suggested period for visiting – From April to October
Itinerary Type: young people and adults (the visit to Gaiola is not recommended to people with physical disabilities)
Overall cost of the whole itinerary – 3€ for the daily transport ticket


Means of transport serving the area Bus n.140 from Piazza Sannazzaro; Citysightseeing: chances to walk the itinerary backward froml Parco Virgiliano with Citysightseeing to Piazza Municipio. The departure from Piazza Municipio is at 9:30, the arrival in Virgiliano is at 10:15 ( 45’mins.), last departure at 17:40 in April and May, at 19:30 in June and July.
Information: 0039 081.5517270 (from Mon. to Fri from 8.30 to 15.30).

Suggested transport: The Bus n.140 makes a panoramic route, it stops at nearly all the places of the itinerary; as Donn’Anna Palace, Piazza San Luigi and Parco Virgiliano. The final stop is Cape Posillipo where it is possible to take, either the shuttle bus n.C23 to reach Villa Fiorita and the old Borgo Marechiaro (village), or Bus n.F9 to carry on to Pausilypon Archeological Park
Alternative Transport: By own Car ( from Via Posillipo to Coroglio slope about 5 km.)