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Bay of Naples

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Flegrean Path, from Grecian colonization to Roman “otia”.

The green flegrean fields (Campi Flegrei) allow the tourist to dive deep into the past in an unique active volcanism area with bradyseism phenomena and marine erosion. An ancient land appreciated by Greeks who founded Cuma Eubea, the first city in Magna Grecia that became next a tourist destination for Romans.
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Percorsi Flegrei Acropoli di Cuma - Lucrino

Option a
Cuma acropolis – Lucrino

» 1 Cuma acropolis
» 2 Casina Vanvitelliana
» 3 Baia thermal bath    (Archeological park)
   Venus Temple    (underwater    city)
» 4 Lake Lucrino


Starting point Cuma acropolis
Defined path Cuma acropolis – Casina Vanvitelliana – Baia thermal bath (Archeological park) – Venus Temple (underwater city)
Arrival point Lake Lucrino
Timing 6 h


Suggested period Spring – Summer
Itinerary type Families, young people, Adults, Students.
Overall cost of the itinerary 15€ (for tickets and access to the archeological areas)
Other sites Monte Nuovo Oasis, Sibilla’s Cave, the ancient Arco Felice


Means of transport covering the metro area – line 2 stop Pozzuoli; Cumana train main station Montesanto. Departures every 10 mins until 21.21 (itinerary stops: Pozzuoli, Arco Felice, Lucrino, Baia, Fusaro Torregaveta). Circumflegrea train main station Montesanto. Departures every 20 mins until 20.43 to Licola. Six departures per day (3 in the morning) to Cuma, Lido Fusaro, Torregaveta.
Suggested means of transport Car – to reach the acropolis in Cuma by car, take the Tangenziale of Naples (motorway) towards Pozzuoli. Exit number 13 (Cuma). Follow the local road and turn left on the first cross road. Follow straight on and pass below Old Arco Felice (an ancient Roman bow). On the first crossroad, turn right follow the road and turn left on the first street. There’s an adjacent parking lot


Cuma Acropolis “Antro della Sibilla”. Open everyday from 9.00 until one hour before sunset. Admittance 4€
further information tel. 081.8543060.
Casina Vanvitelliana. Open from 9.00 to 13.00 only sat and sun. the tour lasts approximately 1 hour. Ticket 1 €
Baia Thermal Bath . for information tel. 081.8687592 admittance adults 4€, for young people from 18 to 25 years old 2€, free for minors. Included in Artecard.
Venus Temple (underwater city)
Lake Lucrino

Monte Nuovo Oasis. The Oasis is open everyday from 9.00 until one hour before sunset. Saturday and Sunday guided tours
Ancient Arco Felice (Roman flagstones)